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Competition Lug Studs - Porsche - M14 - 1 piece - SKU# LS07

Competition Lug Studs - Porsche - M14 - 1 piece - SKU# LS07

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Please note the 60mm studs are LONG. For OEM wheels, most aftermarket wheels and even with most spacers 45mm will be long enough. Please measure and confirm you need this long of a stud before ordering the 60mm kit. The 35mm studs will be long enough if you have up to a 7mm spacer. 7mm and above please buy the 45mm studs. The 60mm studs are only necessary if you are running a spacer wider than 15mm.

Rennline's competition wheel studs offer customers the ability to eliminate those bulky factory lug bolts that make quick wheel changes so cumbersome. These studs are heat treated to excede the requirements outlined by SAE wheel fastener standards. Rennline's studs are black zinc plated unlike the vulnerable black oxide coating commonly used in other wheel studs. Studs have been certified to meet ISO 898-1 class 10.9 requirements. These particular studs are M14x1.5 thread commonly found on Porsche, Audi, and several other makes, and are available in both 45mm and 60mm lengths. See below for detailed specifications. Sold individually

  • 15mm of threads on hub side
  • 8mm of unthreaded shoulder for brake rotor
  • 35mm, 45mm or 60mm of threaded stud from shoulder


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