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Rennline OE+ Lug Bolts R14 Seat

Rennline OE+ Lug Bolts R14 Seat

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When installing wheel spacers on your Porsche you will need to install extended lug bots. Our OEM+ style lug bolts are the perfect solution to keep the factory style lug bolt and achieve the perfect fitment with our wheel spacers. Lug Bolts are a consumable, and the clamp force diminishes over time due to the stretching of the material. Rennline is offering an affordable replacement to keep you safe.


  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Grade 10.9 steel
  • Sold in sets of 10
  • Heat forged and treated

Fitment Guide

  • 60MM (30MM Under Seat) Factory Wheel - No spacers
  • 67MM (37MM Under Seat) 3-8mm Spacers
  • 72MM (42MM Under Seat) 10-12mm Spacers
  • 77MM (47MM Under Seat) 15mm Spacers
  • 82MM (52MM Under Seat) 20mm Spacers
  • 92MM (62MM Under Seat) 30mm Spacers
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